Webinar: Practicing Cultural Humility at Health Centers and Supporting Asians and Asian Americans Experiencing Hate and Violence

Cultural humility is a process of self-reflection and discovery that is needed to understand and eliminate health disparities especially those that are perpetuated by discrimination and bias. In this session, participants will receive an overview of cultural humility principles, how it impacts health care, and strategies for training staff. This session will also include a discussion on cultural humility as it relates to our work with Asian and Asian American patients and colleagues and how we can be supporting members during an increase in anti-Asian hate crimes and violence.

The webinar also offers a brief overview of the Asian, Asian American, and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander populations in the United States. Furthermore, it outlines practical steps to support these populations, vital principles and strategies for achieving greater cultural and linguistic competence and humility in care, as well as essential practices for improving health equity through health center initiatives. Also included is a brief look at AAPCHO’s Cultural Humility training for health centers.

This webinar on how health centers can incorporate strategies for actively supporting Asians and Asian Americans experiencing hate and violence was presented on May 19, 2021, as part of the Association of Clinicians for the Underserved Building an Inclusive Organization Webinar Series. Want to be informed about other upcoming webinars on health equity and diversity, equity, and inclusion? Join our mailing list!


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