Boards & Committees

  • Connecticut Physician Health Program
    New York, NY

  • Vice President

    Albany Area Primary Health Care
    Albany, GA

  • California Primary Care Association
    Workforce Development
    Sacramento, CA

  • DC Department of Health Care Finance
    Washington, D.C.

  • Dr. Adrian Billings
    Adrian Billings, MD, PhD


    Presidio County Health Services
    Alpine, TX

  • Illinois Primary Health Care Association
    Springfield, IL

  • Family Medicine, HIV/AIDS
    Pike Medical & Surgical Associates
    Chillicothe, OH

  • Parinda Khatri
    Parinda Khatri, PhD


    Cherokee Health Systems
    Knoxville, TN

  • Kyle McDaniel
    Kyle McDaniel, BA, BS

    Director - Health Professional in Training

    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
    Lubbock, TX

  • Brandon Moritz
    Brandon W. Moritz, MD


    Duke University Health System
    Durham, NC

  • Johnson Health Center
    Lynchburg, VA

  • Director

    Health Information Exchanges and Technology
    Portsmouth, NH

  • Kristen Thomsen, PA

    Interdisciplinary Care, Homeless and Migrant Populations
    Portland, ME

  • Ashley Wallace
    Ashley Wallace


    Kansas Office of Primary Care and Rural Health
    Topeka, KS


ACU offers opportunities for members to be involved in the organization’s decision-making through our Board of Directors and as members of our standing Committees. Participation on ACU’s boards & committees enables members to communicate their specific issues and discuss opportunities for ACU to make a positive difference.

We have six standing Committees:


2023 Roster

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

2023 Roster


2023 Roster | Charter

Policy & Advocacy

2023 Roster | Charter


2023 Roster | Charter

Student and Health Professionals in Training


Vision Services

2023 Roster | Charter

ACU Members: Are you interested in participating in Committees? If so, please contact the relevant Committee staffer via the email provided in the 2023 rosters. If you have other related questions, please contact Rick Brown, Associate Director of Communications & Membership.