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Working tirelessly to establish a robust and diverse workforce to help transform communities to achieve health equity for all.

ACU is a uniquely transdisciplinary membership network uniting clinicians, advocates, and organizations to lead advocacy, clinical, operational and equity excellence to develop and support clinicians and the healthcare workforce caring for America’s underserved communities. We support thousands of clinicians and organizations each year with technical assistance, programs, advocacy, and more.


We are the leading voice for the National Health Service Corps and a national advocate for the health center workforce and health equity.


ACU provides professional education, technical assistance, and resources to clinicians and organizations caring for medically underserved communities.


We work to build and sustain a robust health center workforce with resources, trainings, and technical assistance for health centers, PCAs, and more.


ACU’s mission is two-fold: to improve the health of underserved communities and to develop and support those clinicians who choose to serve them.


ACU supports clinicians and improving health care for the underserved by raising the quality of care, expanding access to care, and developing culturally competent and adequately resourced health care workforce.


ACU focuses on that mission through the recruitment and retention of clinicians into medically underserved areas across the country.

our vision and our Dedication to our members

Leading advocacy, clinical, operational and equity excellence in caring for medically underserved communities.

We collaborate with health centers, primary care associations, state health departments, free clinics, and individual clinicians in nearly every U.S. state.

acu community of health care professionals

information, tools, and resources

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Joining ACU gives you access not only to a transdisciplinary community of healthcare professionals, advocates, and organizations, but also to crucial benefits including information, education, and tools to support your practice and advocacy for patients in medically underserved communities.

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Help us protect the National Health Service Corps and work toward an inclusive, accessible, and equitable health care system.

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