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Health centers are at the forefront of addressing health inequity, but their ability to do so is often hampered by low margins and limited resources. However, value-based care offers an alternative to fee-for-service reimbursement based on quality rather than quantity. The Association of Clinicians for the Underserved (ACU) is pleased to partner with On Belay Health Solutions (On Belay) in a new initiative to support providers to reconnect with mission, save health centers vital revenue, and help drive health equity for underserved communities.

Through the partnership, ACU and On Belay will help health centers better understand and adopt value-based care to improve their ability to address health inequities for their patient populations. Leveraging its deep knowledge base in healthcare delivery and CHC participation in value-based care, On Belay is offering exclusive assistance to ACU’s members and support to the organization’s broader community. Learn more in our full announcement.

ACU Member Health Centers

Learn about On Belay’s free assistance to help your health center understand how transitioning to value-based care can improve your sustainability and quality of care.

Non-Member Health Centers

Learn about membership with ACU and how we can help you leverage On Belay’s assistance to transition to value-based care, along with myriad other benefits.

View Our Webinar: Advancing Mission and Driving Health Equity with Value-Based Care

View our archived webinar with On Belay to learn how embracing value-based care can improve margins, help improve quality of care, and foster health equity. This presentation will demystify the transition to value-based care and support CHCs interested in pursuing it.

Have Questions?

For questions or comments about our partnership with On Belay Health Solutions, please contact Amanda Pears Kelly, ACU Executive Director.