ACU was pleased to support Senator Bernie Sanders’s amendment to the bipartisan PREVENT Pandemics Act (S. 3799) that would double mandatory funding for the Nurse Corps program to $177 million in FY23. While more needs to be done to fully enact the legislation, ACU applauds this effort to address our continuing healthcare workforce shortage and support underserved communities.

“As a nation we are facing an urgent and critical issue with clinical workforce shortages, one that has been exacerbated by the pandemic and is predicted to worsen in the coming years,” stated ACU Executive Director Amanda Pears Kelly. “The impact of the nurse shortage is particularly devastating in underserved communities where workforce shortages equate to less access to care and ultimately deepen health disparities and overarching health equity issues. ACU fully supports enhanced funding for the Nurse Corps and applauds Senator Sanders for his continued commitment to address healthcare workforce shortages and to support underserved communities.”