This year, the Association of Clinicians for the Underserved is celebrating the National Health Service Corps (NHSC)’s five decades of work to strengthen the health workforce and achieve health equity by connecting clinicians with underserved communities. Learn how you can get involved in celebrating the NHSC’s 50th Anniversary below, and if you’re a current or former NHSC member, we invite you to help ensure the Corps’ next 50 years by advising or mentoring in our NHSC Pipeline Readiness Technical Assistance Program!

How Can I Get Involved? Two Ways to Participate

NHSC Members & Alumni: Join Our NHSC Pipeline Readiness Initiative as Advisors or Mentors

ACU is recruiting NHSC members and alumni interested in advising or mentoring in our NHSC Empowering Clinicians for Resiliency and Transformative Care Program. This Bureau of Health Workforce initiative helps prepare NHSC pipeline participants to serve underserved communities by building their resiliency and capacity to eliminate health disparities through community engagement. Leaders at NHSC-approved sites are also encouraged to volunteer to help inform materials about organizational structure and operations.

Sign up to join a committee, help with trainings, or mentor participants: we especially encourage individuals who identify with historically excluded groups to participate. Contact us with questions.

NHSC Supporters & Advocates: Share Your Stories or Help Share the Word

The NHSC’s 50th Anniversary celebration will kick off soon, and you can join the yearlong celebration. Learn how you can share your experiences of the Corps or join the conversation on social media by utilizing the Corps’ 50th Anniversary toolkit and the hashtag #NHSC50 to promote awareness and invite new generations of potential NHSC providers to learn more about the Corps’ opportunities.

You can also sign up for a mailing list to receive the latest updates on the ongoing celebration. Stay tuned for more information about the NHSC 50th Anniversary Gala at ACU’s 2022 Conference as well!