Today, the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) opened its 2014 Site Application cycle which represents an opportunity for more eligible sites to apply to become approved NHSC sites.  For information regarding Eligibility Requirements and an Applicant Checklist please visit the NHSC website.  In addition, the application cycle for all NHSC sites required to submit a 2014 recertification application, also opens today.  Both application cycles will remain open until November 1, 2013, 7:30pm ET.

ACU encourages all eligible sites to apply and all existing sites to be recertified.  The larger the list of eligible sites, the more support we can generate for the program.  Please apply today so we can keep the NHSC strong moving forward.

Since 1972, the NHSC has been building healthy communities by connecting primary health care providers to areas of the United States with limited access to care. More than 40,000 primary care medical, dental, and mental and behavioral health professionals have served in the NHSC since its inception. This care is currently being provided at more than 14,000 NHSC-approved health care sites in urban, rural, and frontier areas across the United States and its Territories.

Below are some points to keep in mind about the application process.

  • In order to apply, new sites will be asked to create a Site Administrator Account in the BCRS Program Portal for Site Administrators. After an account has been created, the site will then select “Apply for a New NHSC Site” on the landing page.
  • Sites will complete a series of questions to confirm their eligibility for participation in the NHSC.
  • Site administrators may enter a Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA) score for their site application using the HPSA Find Tool. However, HPSA entries are not required to submit an application and will be reviewed by PCOs and the NHSC before approval.
  • The NHSC is strongly encouraging sites with HPSA scores of 14 and above to apply.

Sites in your network can learn more by visiting the NHSC Website and/or by contacting the Customer Care Center at 1-800-221-9393 from 8am to 8pm ET, Monday-Friday.