NHSC Award Winners Honored at Our Recent Conference

The Association of Clinicians for the Underserved was honored to present awards to outstanding clinicians, advocates, NHSC members, and scholars at our recent NHSC 50th Anniversary Gala in Washington, D.C., as part of ACU’s 2022 Conference, “Resilience & Transformation in Care.” Join us in congratulating these individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to care and community impact, as well as dedication to increasing access to healthcare for marginalized populations.

Dr. James A. Hotz, MD, MACP
Lifetime Achievement Award

ACU is proud to honor Dr. Jim Hotz, Clinical Services Director and Internal Medicine physician at Albany Area Primary Health Care (AAPHC) in Albany, GA. Dr. Hotz is a National Health Service Corps alumnus, ACU Board Member, and co-founder of AAPHC, as well as the inspiration for Doc Hollywood. This award recognizes his tireless advocacy for patients who are medically under-resourced, his passionate service in historically marginalized communities, and his impact on countless patients’ lives.

Eric Redman
NHSC Champion Award

A writer, businessman, and former Congressional staffer, Mr. Eric Redman was instrumental in drafting the legislation that led to the founding of the NHSC. As documented in his book, The Dance of Legislation, Redman was a member of Senator Warren Magnuson’s staff and helped with the drafting and passing of S.4106, the National Health Service Bill. We are honored to recognize Redman for his role in making this vital program a reality.

Dr. Theodore Ross, MD
NHSC Outstanding Scholar Award

The NHSC Outstanding Scholar Award recognizes an NHSC Scholarship or Student to Service LRP recipient whose work demonstrates excellence, compassion, and a mission-driven commitment to improving health equity for under-resourced communities. We are pleased to honor Dr. Theodore Ross, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Internal Medicine physician at SIHF Healthcare and a celebrated NHSC Scholar, with this award.

Dr. Sodabeh Etminan, DMD, MPH

NHSC Outstanding Member Award

The NHSC Outstanding Member Award recognizes a current National Health Service Corps participant who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improving the health of under-resourced communities with compassion and excellence in service. We are honored to recognize Dr. Sodabeh Etminan, DMD, MPH, Dental Director for Mile Square Health Center—South Shore, with this award.

Watch Dr. Jim Hotz Accept His Award

Watch Dr. Theodore Ross Accept His Award