Listen to ACU members tell their personal stories – including why they chose to practice with the underserved, their success and challenges, and lessons learned. The ACU Audio Story Bank includes short (5 minutes or less) edited interviews with our members who explain what health care for the underserved means to them.

Members featured in the story bank include nurse practitioners Kate Wilson  of Virginia, and Nereida Savoy, of  Florida, and physician Chris Echterling of Pennsylvania.

ACU members come from all parts of the country and from urban, rural and suburban settings. They may have an MD, RN, NP,  DDS, or behavioral health credential behind their name, but what they all have in common is a powerful sense of passion and purpose.

Meet our members, learn and be inspired through the ACU Audio Story Bank!

Tell Us YOUR Story

The ACU Audio Story Bank lets individual ACU members tell what it’s like to provide primary care to patients with little or no health insurance. Their patients lack access to many health care services that most of us take for granted—but ACU members derive a wealth of human experience in caring for the underserved. They are ordinary people make an extraordinary difference in the lives of the poor.

Do you have a  story you’d like to tell? Tell us what motivates YOU to provide care in an underserved  community? Is there a patient for whom you made a difference? How do you avoid burnout?

If you would like to be interviewed, send an email to, write “Audio Story Bank” in the subject line, and tell us why you should be selected. If selected, we will contact you for an interview AND you will receive a flip video camera that is yours to keep (while supplies last).