On Wednesday April 9th, the Senate HELP Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging will be holding a hearing on “Addressing Primary Care Access and Workforce Challenges: Voices from the Field.” ACU’s Jim Hotz, MD has been invited to testify about the importance of the National Health Service Corps program and the recruitment and retention challenges in shortage areas. Dr. Hotz, who is on ACU’s Board of Directors, currently serves as Clinical Services Director for Albany Area Primary Health Care in Albany, Georgia.

This is great news for the NHSC and ACU. By raising the profile of this valuable program, the Subcommittee hearing will once again highlight the impending funding cliff faced by the program and the need to extend and expand funding into the future. Increasing access to primary care is critical to improving health and reducing costs, and the NHSC program is key to that effort.

This invitation also recognizes ACU leadership on primary care workforce issues and we are delighted to have Dr. Hotz testify. Stay tuned for updates on the other panelists and Dr. Hotz’ testimony.