Mark your calendar for this free webinar on Funding Security and Privacy: Making the Case for Your Budget, Wednesday, December 4, 2013, 1 – 2 p.m. ET, offered by ACU and QiP Solutions. Registration has closed.

Have you been tasked with meeting HIPAA security and privacy requirements without an adequate budget?  For many smaller providers, clinics and hospitals, funding of security and privacy is not a priority

• What information needs to be presented to business planners to ensure that smaller organizations are compliant and secure?

• What kind of language resonates with financial decision-makers?

• How can we get the most out of a modest investment in security and privacy?

The deadline for HIPAA Compliance has past.

This webinar will present a strategy for raising the issue of security and privacy compliance and risk management within the financial management of your organization.

You will also learn about resources to help your organization enhance the financing of its security and privacy program from outside sources such as foundations, educational institutions and vendor in-kind assistance.


John Kornak, Director of the Office of Telehealth at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC)

Eric Hummel, Managing Director QiP Solutions, HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS™

Registration has closed.