Policy & Advocacy

Become an Advocate

ACU’s mission is two-fold: to improve the health of underserved communities and to develop and support those clinicians who choose to serve them.

ACU members — clinicians in practice, students, advocates, and academicians, as well as health care clinics, health departments, national, regional, and state primary care organizations, and professional societies — are on the front lines in delivering health care to America’s underserved, vulnerable communities. We serve individuals who typically have little or no other access to health care services. They are among the approximately 46 million people in this country (one in five) without health insurance. They may speak little or no English. Often they lack access to pharmaceuticals, mental health, oral care and complementary and alternative medicine. Our members are also involved in health policy — working to establish a more equitable health care system. You can become and advocate to help thousands of health organizations every year with programs and tools.

ACU is continually expanding its advocacy efforts to make our health care system more inclusive, more responsive, and more accessible to all residents of the United States. ACU encourages its members to be involved in advocacy work. To learn how to become an advocate, please email acu@clinicians.org.