Clinicians!  Patients! Interested in resources to help reduce asthma triggers in the home? Do you want to  find out unique and successful ways to control your asthma? If so, look no further because the Association of Clinicians for the Underserved’s (ACU) Asthma Resource List is now available online.

Here in one location, you can find resources including clinical guidelines, patient education and self-management materials, policy briefs, asthma reports, clinical toolkits, mobile technology and asthma information, and smoking cessation and tobacco materials. Many of the resources are available in both English and Spanish, and some in other languages, including Chinese. Also included are a variety of multimedia tools such as videos and interactive web sites. There are even links to asthma-related training courses where continuing education credits are available.

ACU’s Associate Director for Programs Lois Wessel, CFNP, says, “Having a concise place to get clinical guidelines and patient education in a variety of formats and languages is really helpful when providing asthma trigger management to my patient population.” Wessel, who practices in Washington, DC, and teaches at Georgetown University, has trained many health professionals in indoor asthma trigger management strategies.