The Learning Health Care System (LHS) is an innovative model to engage health centers in quality improvement, research, and dissemination. This session will explore lessons learned and best practices in successful models of LHSs in primary care to promote research and evidence-based practice, harness Health IT infrastructure to advance patient and provider engagement, and to improve dissemination efforts.

This CME-accredited webinar on was hosted at 2-3 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 13, by Fred Rachman, MD, as the second session in ACU’s 2018 Summer Webinar Series. Presented in partnership with the Centene Corporation, the series features the most highly attended and rated sessions from our 2017 Annual Conference.

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  • Fred Rachman, MD, Chief Executive Officer, AllianceChicago

View the Presentation: Thriving as a Learning Health Care System in Primary Care

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