Cindy Barr, Presenter of Creating Effective Spaces for Primary Care TeamsHighly functional primary care teams are crucial to effective engagement with our underserved communities. Spaces that support daily function, facilitate interdisciplinary relationships, encourage creative problem solving and respect individual strengths, needs and contributions enhance team development. As Cindy Barr of Capital Link notes, it’s “not how much [space] you have, but how you use what you have.”

This webinar will help you examine whether you are using your clinical facilities effectively in concert with best practices for creating effective primary care team spaces. The presentation also explores how to facilitate alignment through space utilization, noting the interplay of team work, team function, and engagement with patients and families. Also included is guidance on how to effectively right-size group spaces, co-location, layout options for engagement zones, optimizing lines of sight, and more.

This CME-accredited webinar on was hosted at 2-3 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 6, by Cindy Barr RN, EDAC, of Capital Link as the first session in ACU’s 2018 Summer Webinar Series. Presented in partnership with the Centene Corporation, the series features the most highly attended and rated sessions from our 2017 Annual Conference.

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  • Cindy Barr, RN, EDAC, Operations and Facilities Planner, Capital Link

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