Participants were enthusiastic about ACU’s conference on Health IT and the Underserved: Transform the Way You Think about Change, held in Poughkeepsie, NY, March 7 -8, and many left inspired with new ideas. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Eric Brosius, Vice President of Technology Service, Hudson River Healthcare: “I have been very impressed with the breakout sessions … the privacy and security session yesterday was very interesting. It was extremely informative, and a lot of other people felt it was very helpful.  Joy Pritts [of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT] was very impressive.”


Terry Yonker, Telemedicine Clinical Program Manger, Finger Lakes Community Health: “The session on prison health was about health information exchange between community health centers and county jails. I didn’t realize that the population [in jail] is there very short term; 94 percent are released back to the community. When they are admitted, and there is an intake or health assessment, the provider really has no information other than what the patient reports, [and no] access to previous medical histories or labs.

“As primary care providers in a community health center our patients, especially those with substance use who are in and out of jail, there is a lack of continuity, and it has motivated me to think about doing a program where we could exchange information and promote continuity.”

Lisa Marini, Chairperson, NYS Cessation Centers Media Group: “One of the most exciting things for me [involves] medication reconciliation and health literacy … I wasn’t aware that there is so much progress with some of the vendors in terms of developing things that could be really user friendly and I look forward to more sites being able to connect with that.”


Jillian Hopewell, Director of Education and Professional Development, Migrant Clinicians Network: “I was very excited about the opportunities provided by technology to really enhance professional education for clinicians.”

Steve Maggio, IT Project Manager, NYC Health and Hospital Corporation: “I really enjoyed the patient portal session. The presenters really did a great job, they showed us what didn’t work out well, what they could do better, and opened it up for discussion. It was a great learning session and a great idea exchange.”


Maryen Vemuri, DDS, MPH, NNM, Executive Director, Generous Hands Foundation: “I found very inspiring the presentation on how to manage chronic diseases in youth by Kathy Kim and Christine Kennedy. I found very inspiring the way they are handling technology and the outcomes they are obtaining. Also inspiring was the presentation on migrant populations by Terry Yonker. Their ideas on how to use technology really are making a difference.


Marcia Smith, Clinical EMR/QI Director, Oak Orchard Community Health Center: “No matter what system you are on you are facing challenges with meaningful use and PCMH documentation – that was good to learn.”