The Association of Clinicians for the Underserved was pleased to join presenters Dr. Elizabeth Clewett of Project ECHO and Sarah Dixon of the Iowa Primary Care Association to provide both national and state level perspectives and experience with the Project ECHO model.

The webinar illuminates how advances in health are not reaching populations equally, as rural communities lose access to care and BIPOC populations face poorer outcomes and excess costs due to health inequities. In response to this, the Project ECHO model seeks to build capacity and create connections between specialist teams of doctors and primary care to benefit patients in underserved communities. Initially focused on the prevention and treatment of Hepatitis C, this innovative model has grown to encompass a variety of areas, from behavioral health and opioid use disorder treatment to pediatrics and trauma-informed care.

This session was presented on June 19, 2019. Want to be informed about other upcoming webinars on health equity for underserved populations? Join our mailing list!


  • Dr. Elizabeth Clewett of Project ECHO
  • Sarah Dixon of the Iowa Primary Care Association

View the Project ECHO Model Webinar

Click here or on the video above to access the recording of this webinar session. The slides are available for review by clicking here. You can also view more archived and upcoming webinars on improving care for underserved populations in our health equity webinar archives.