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Explore Strategies to Renovate Your Health Center Culture

ACU is excited to spotlight a special session from our new partners at Corporate Transcendence at our upcoming STAR² Center 2024 Workforce Symposium: Inclusive Innovation: Putting People First! Our Symposium will kick off with this special session on “Renovating Your Health Center Culture.” Featuring Corporate Transcendence’s President and Founder Pamela Tripp, MEd, MSOM, as well as Certified Corporate Transcendence Coaches Regina Gainey, PhD, and Christopher R. Vann, MHA, this session will offer you transformational strategies for creating cultures that prioritize employees and incorporate improvements across organizations resulting in a more effective and engaged healthcare workforce and elevated patient care.

Join us at Nashville’s Graduate Hotel on April 29-30 to learn innovative strategies to enhance your workforce recruitment and retention initiatives, and stay after for our Comprehensive Workforce Plan Workshop, Choose Your Own Workforce Adventure, on May 1-2.

Register now and plan your trip with agendas for the Symposium or the Comprehensive Workforce Plan Workshop and book your hotel room. Please contact us with any questions.

Join us in Nashville, TN, to learn how to strengthen your workforce to continue providing mission-driven, patient-centered healthcare for all.