Watch a message from Amanda Pears Kelly, ACU Executive Director

100 million people in the U.S. live in shortage areas with too few healthcare professionals. That’s nearly one in three who lack access to primary care, much less other services.

ACU is working to change that.

We are clinicians, organizations, and advocates striving to create a robust and diverse healthcare workforce to help bring life-changing care within reach for all and to support and expand a severely strained healthcare workforce.

For 27 years, your support has made our work possible.

We help health centers support their workforce through trainings and resources from our STAR2 Center. We advocate for health equity and the National Health Service Corps, which makes care possible for 23 million people in underserved communities. And we’ve awarded vision services grants at 29 centers, resulting in over 17,000 patients receiving eye exams, among other programs and initiatives.

Please donate today to help further this work and advocacy to support the healthcare workforce, health equity, and access to care for all.

Because clinicians deserve support. And because everyone deserves access to care.