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Safe Drinking Water: Facts for Healthcare Professionals

More than 84 percent of US households receive their water from public water systems. At the same time, more than 23 million US households rely on wells for their drinking water. In recent years, concerns have been raised about the safety of drinking water from all sources.

ACU has partnered with the Water Systems Council to produce information sheets for healthcare providers on safe drinking water from public water systems and in communities that rely on well water. Providers in rural areas especially will benefit from learning how to educate their patients about the safety of well water and how to maintain wells to promote healthy drinking water. The six easy-to-read fact sheets in the series are:

The fact sheets are free to download and print. The Water Systems Council (WSC) is the only national, nonprofit organization solely focused on household wells and small water well systems. WSC is committed to ensuring that Americans who get their water from household, private wells have safe, reliable drinking water and to protecting our nation’s groundwater resources.