Resource: Effects of Virtual Care Delivery on Health Center Clinician Engagement and BurnoutThe COVID-19 pandemic prompted the increased and widespread use of virtual health services, including telehealth, in health centers. While this technology is not new to the health center setting, its increased use has impacted clinician engagement and burnout both positively and negatively. Our STAR² Center’s paper reviews those impacts and provides tips for health center teams to improve engagement with increased use of virtual services in the context of the global pandemic.

The publication also provides direct advice from health center clinicians on how to improve their engagement with increased use of virtual services in the context of the global pandemic, including but not limited to non-in-person delivery modalities such as telephone, video, remote monitoring devices, email, text messaging, and artificial intelligence-enabled augmented reality. It also incorporates findings from peer-reviewed and grey literature on organizational theory, health care clinician engagement and motivation, telehealth, virtual care, and health center clinician experiences. Lastly, it explores the key drivers of motivation for staff, including autonomy, capability, and purpose.

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View the Publication: Effects of Virtual Care Delivery on Health Center Clinician Engagement and Burnout

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