Providing Personalized Primary Care to the Most Vulnerable, Chronically Ill Members Who Need Us Most

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AbsoluteCare offers concierge health services using a risk-bearing, PCP-driven care model. We treat the most clinically complex and vulnerable members of the communities we serve. Many of whom suffer from behavioral health, substance use, and SDoH challenges.  AbsoluteCare tends exclusively to the needs of the top four to six percent of the population who persistently represent a disproportionate amount of unnecessary utilization and cost, whether or not they are engaged with other PCPs. We use population health management tools to employ a holistic approach using an interdisciplinary care team of diverse clinicians supported by primary care providers.  We deliver this care in our comprehensive care centers as   well as in the communities we serve.  In our more than 20 years, AbsoluteCare has focused on fulfilling the needs of this population. And, we have consistently achieved unprecedented outcomes by addressing medical and psychosocial issues, as well as life’s hardships that exacerbate chronic health conditions and complicate access to care.


  • Anoop Raman Chief Medical Officer, Complex Care AbsoluteCare