Health centers strive to be—and are—leaders in providing person-centered care that honors cultural beliefs and values. Person-centered care recognizes that health and wellness are influenced by the many factors that contribute to each person’s unique experience in society. Building a representative workforce that mirrors the patient population can build patient trust, belonging, and support programs that are more effective in reaching and engaging community members.

Establishing a workforce that represents your patient population requires inclusive and equitable recruitment and retention efforts. Partnering with minority-serving colleges and universities is one path for achieving greater diversity. A new publication from ACU’s STAR² Center serves as a quick resource and reference guide for human resources professionals and health center leaders to understand how to identify and partner with minority-serving educational institutions.

More Resources on Building and Sustaining Health Center Workforces

ACU’s Solutions, Training, and Assistance for Recruitment and Retention (STAR²) Center provides resources, training, and technical assistance to help Health Center Program grantees with their clinician workforce challenges and questions. We are a National Training and Technical Assistance Partner of the Bureau of Primary Health Care funded through a national cooperative agreement with the Bureau of Primary Health Care at the Health Resources and Services Administration, ensuring that services are offered free of charge to all health centers and look-alikes.