New Infographic: Implementing Staff Satisfaction Surveys

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, prioritizing employee satisfaction has become a critical factor in delivering exceptional patient care and ensuring the success of healthcare organizations. Staff satisfaction surveys have emerged as powerful tools, providing invaluable data to drive positive change, optimize policies, and enhance employee retention. However, many organizations are seeking guidance on how to effectively initiate or improve their staff satisfaction survey processes.

This STAR² Center infographic is designed to support health center teams as they focus on staff resiliency, wellness, satisfaction, and engagement by guiding teams through the process of conducting staff satisfaction surveys. Understanding where they stand will allow health centers to offer directed opportunities for stress reduction, building provider resilience and trauma recovery, and generally improving satisfaction and engagement. This infographic includes best and promising practices and serves as a starting point for exploring other STAR² Center resources to help health center teams plan, roll out, and respond to staff satisfaction surveys.

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