Journal of Health Care for the Poor and UnderservedExploring Healthcare Themes for Underserved Communities

The latest edition of ACU’s official Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved explores a variety of themes impacting the health of medically underserved populations. Learn about the consequences of delayed care, trans and gender-nonconforming health issues, how the legal system affects quality of life, and much more.

Read about these and other crucial topics in the May edition, which features articles such as:

  • “Social Determinants of Health Needs and Perinatal Risk in Socially Vulnerable Pregnant Patients”
  • “Food Insecurity and Perceived Financial Stress are Associated with Cost-related Medication Non-adherence in Stroke”
  • “Family Rejection, Socioeconomic Precarity, and Exchanging Sex for Food among Young Transgender Adults:
    Findings from the U.S. Transgender Survey”
  • “A Holistic and Community-Based Service Program Promoting Mental Health among Latina Breast Cancer Survivors and Informal Caregivers”
  • “Psychiatric Admissions Among Undocumented Immigrants at an Urban County Hospital”

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