This one-hour webinar led by expert faculty, Matt Bennett, looked at the physiological underpinnings that define moral injury and moral distress while addressing the role COVID-19 plays in its development and steps health center teams can take to advance resilience and post-traumatic growth by creating meaningful, systemic change. Key topics explored include the vital balance between helping fatigue and helping satisfaction, and the connections between moral injury and helping, burnout and team health, and trauma and self-care. Also included is a unique metaphor for understanding the impact of stress: “how full is your cup?”

This session on understanding moral injury and moral distress in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic was hosted on February 18, 2021. Want to be informed about other upcoming webinars on health equity for underserved populations? Join our mailing list!


View the Webinar on Moral Injury and Distress

This webinar and its slides are available at ACU’s STAR² Center.

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