This interactive session focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected recruitment and retention efforts in health centers. The fifth session in the 2020-2021 PCA & HCCN Workforce Professional Development Series, this webinar on how COVID-19 changed the health center workforce was hosted on March 11, 2021. Want to be informed about other upcoming webinars on health equity for underserved populations? Join our mailing list!

During this webinar series, Primary Care Association (PCA) and Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) staff were invited to join the STAR2 Center team for a monthly webinar series focused on workforce professional development. Series topics were designed to align with current workforce initiatives led by the Bureau of Primary Health Care and enable attendees to work with their member health centers to develop comprehensive workforce plans. This “train the trainer” series aimed to bolster workforce efforts internally at PCAs and HCCNs in order to provide a robust support system for recruitment and retention efforts at health centers.

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This webinar and its slides are available at ACU’s STAR² Center.

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The Association of Clinicians for the Underserved is regularly updating our detailed list of resources on the coronavirus pandemic with new webinars, fact sheets, and other resources related to health centers, workforce considerations, clinical protocols and guidance, telehealth, and more. You can also view a variety of webinars on COVID-19 and its impact on underserved populations on our health equity webinar archives.