Clinician Perspectives on Racism in the Healthcare Workforce
Wednesday, June 23, 2021: 1 p.m. ET

Hosted by ACU’s STAR² Center

The field of medicine has a torrid history of racism that continues to shape the experiences of patients and providers today. Among the many ways that racism manifests itself in healthcare is through the lack of representation in our healthcare workforce and in patient engagement and satisfaction surveys where patients continue to report better care when they see providers who share their racial and ethnic identities. Many members of the healthcare industry, including those who educate future health care workers, are working hard to dismantle the racism that pervades the field. To adequately eliminate racism in our work, we must be able to identify it, call problems out, call people in, and invest in effective strategies that simultaneously promote health equity and workforce inclusion and belonging. In this webinar, led by Michael Curry, CEO of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, four panelists will discuss their perspectives on racism in medicine, how it shapes provider and patient experiences, and strategies to build a more anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive healthcare system.

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Clinician Perspectives on Racism in Healthcare

This webinar and other trainings on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion are available at our STAR² Center.


  • Michael Curry, President & CEO, Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers


  • Damian Archer, MD, Co-CMO, Northshore Community Health
  • Tia Tucker, MD, MPH, Cambridge Health Alliance; Director of Health Equity, Tufts University Family Medicine Residency Program
  • Adriana Black, MPH, MAT, Associate Director for Diversity and Inclusion Education, Tufts University Health Sciences Campuses
  • Carolina Quezada, MD, Director of Clinical Education, Family Healthcare Network

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