May 22 & June 12 at 4 p.m. ET

Unveil the secrets to steadfast retention planning for health centers in a new webinar series from ACU’s STAR² Center and 3RNET. Our expert speakers will navigate the intricate terrain of mission alignment, competitive compensation structures, enticing benefits packages, flexible work schedules, and dynamic career pathways—all pivotal pillars in fostering loyalty and longevity among your workforce.

Highlighting retention strategy documents from our STAR² Center and 3RNET, these engaging sessions will empower you in your quest for employee engagement and retention mastery.

Learning Objectives:

  • Equip organizational leaders with the tools and insights necessary to proactively address potential retention pitfalls, nurturing a supportive and fulfilling work environment, and ultimately cultivating a resilient and cohesive healthcare team.
  • Learn how to customize retention plans to suit the unique needs and challenges of your health center, incorporating adaptable strategies that resonate with diverse staff demographics and organizational dynamics.
  • Explore the recruiting for retention guiding principles and identify retention best practices that foster a positive culture and keep your staff engaged, satisfied, and fulfilled at your health center.

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More Resources on Building and Sustaining Health Center Workforces

ACU’s Solutions, Training, and Assistance for Recruitment and Retention (STAR²) Center provides resources, training, and technical assistance to help Health Center Program grantees with their clinician workforce challenges and questions. We are a National Training and Technical Assistance Partner of the Bureau of Primary Health Care funded through a national cooperative agreement with the Bureau of Primary Health Care at the Health Resources and Services Administration, ensuring that services are offered free of charge to all health centers and look-alikes.