Pfizer's Multicultural Health Equity CollectiveA diverse healthcare workforce contributes to better access to care and community health for historically marginalized and medically underserved populations. ACU’s Executive Director Amanda Pears Kelly co-authored a new Health Affairs Forefront article with Niesha Foster co-lead of Pfizer’s Multicultural Health Equity Collective (The Collective), on the importance of sustained investment in the education and retention of diverse healthcare providers.

ACU is proud to collaborate with The Collective, a cooperative of 40+ diverse nonprofit partners and advocates, to help advance health equity through evidence-informed solutions across key areas, including workforce pathways.

“How Can We Turn The Tide On Health Equity?” details the crucial need for long-term investment, a greater focus on retention, and multi-sector collaborations to diversify our nation’s clinical workforce and advance health equity for all. The piece is the first in a new series highlighting key pillars discussed in the recently published ‘An Action Guide to Disrupt Inequitable Health Outcomes.’

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