January 28, 2015

Primary Care Workforce

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Peter Sherman, MDPeter Sherman, M.D., ACU President, responded to questions about his article, “The Primary Care Crisis and Health Care Reforn, published in the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. Read the full interview here.



The Primary Care Crisis and Health Care Reform (PDF)*
Peter Sherman, MD, Susan Moscou, FNP, MPH, PhD, and Christine Dang-Vu

Nurse Practitioners in Community Health Settings Today (PDF)*
Lois A. Wessel, RN, MS, CFNP

The Social Worker on the Medical Transdisciplinary Team (PDF)*
Margaret Dawson Hobbs, MSW

Primary Care in Public Housing: Voices of Clinicians (PDF)*
Kathie Culhane-Pera, MD, Dillard Ellmore, DO, and Lois A. Wessel, RN, CFNP

Training Residents in Community Health Centers: Facilitators and Barriers
Carl G. Morris; Frederick M. Chen
The success of the relationship between community health centers and family medicine residencies depends on a shared mission of education and service, as well as innovation and flexibility by their governing organizations.

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*Reprinted with permission from Meharry Medical College, the copyright holder for the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.