February 19, 2018

Medicaid: A Matter of Life or Death

Medicaid coverage “can make the difference between life and death,” Dr. Janelle Goetchus, Chief Medical Officer of Unity Health Care, told policymakers at a Senate briefing on Medicaid September 28. “We cannot afford any more cuts or I will need to go back to ‘begging’ for care,” she said.

Dr. Goetchus represented front line clinicians at the briefing, organized by The Partnership for Medicaid, a non-partisan coalition in which ACU is an active member. The members of the Partnership are strongly committed to the Medicaid program:  both to its foundation as a federal-state partnership and to its role in delivering high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective care to millions of Americans.  Speakers at the briefing offered a variety of “on the ground” perspectives on the state of Medicaid, including the impact of policy proposals under discussion on localities, states, providers, and patients.

In addition to Dr. Goetchus, the speakers included:

  • Dr. Heidi Allen, Co-Author of The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment & Lead Author, What the Oregon Health Study Can Tell Us About Expanding Medicaid;
  • Bruce Siegel, MD, MPH, President & CEO, National Association of Public Hospitals
  • Commissioner Larry Johnson, DeKalb County, 3rd District of GA
  • Marty and Shannon Svikhart , parents of a 3 year-old Medicaid beneficiary and patient with cystic fibrosis.